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I’m so excited, guys, because our fifth Beyond story of 2014 is out today! Five! In one year! I need a nap! (Okay, 3 of them were novellas, but still!)

I love Zan and Tatiana. I love her because life keeps knocking her on her ass, and she keeps climbing to her feet and daring life to take another swing. And I love him because the thing he wants most in the world is to protect her from taking another hit.  Writing their story was a fun way to explore a different part of Sector Four, which is why I’ve so enjoyed the novellas.

(For those of you looking for #6.5 — Beyond Ecstasy…we’ve bumped that novella from our lineup for now. The novellas were a fun experiment this year, and we may do more of them, but several of our ideas for novellas have blown up into novel plots, so for the time being we’re not going to announce anymore until we’ve written them and they’ve stayed novellas.)

With that out of the way… if you haven’t gotten your copy of Beyond Possession, here’s your chance!

#5.5: Beyond Possession

Beyond PossessionTatiana Stone has worked hard to establish herself as one of Sector Four’s most skilled crafters. All she wants is peace–but the sins of her father haunt her. He ruled the sector as a petty tyrant before the O’Kane takeover, and plenty of people harbor bitter memories of his cruelty. Especially now that Tatiana’s beloved baby sister has fallen in with a man who wants to start a revolution.

Zan failed his boss once, and it won’t happen again. So when Dallas O’Kane asks him to defuse the rebellion brewing in the sector, he’ll do whatever it takes to get the job done–including seduce Tatiana.  It’s the perfect opportunity to get closer to the pretty crafter and complete his mission. But what he discovers is a fiery, passionate woman–and an affair that could destroy them both.

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Pre-Order Beyond Possession!

Pre-order Beyond Possession

So, people have been asking us about pre-orders for a while. It’s something Amazon only set up recently for self-published authors, but we’re still trying to decide how it will fit into our release strategy going forward. It’s hard to know how it will work without trying, so I present… An experiment! Our November novella […]