A few frequently asked questions…and their answers! Kinda.


Since a few of you have asked recently, I’m answering a few questions I’ve seen floating around. (If you have another question, leave it in the comments. :D)

Does the Beyond series end with book #7?

No! Right now, it’s the only upcoming book on our coming soon page because we need to get into writing it before we’ll be sure how a few important plot points are going to shake out. Those will decide which order the next few stories come in.

But I thought Book #8 was Nessa’s book!

Yes, there used to be a spoiler page up saying that book #8 is Nessa’s book. And I guess it’s not a spoiler anymore because while we definitely have a story to tell for Nessa, it proooobably won’t be book #8. Sometimes the plot changes direction on us and we follow!

What happened to Beyond Ecstasy? I thought that was #6.5

The novellas were very fun, but it turns out that we couldn’t sustain that pace. We need a couple months in between Beyond books to write something different. That gives our mind some time to recharge. Writing a novella in between each release last year is why we hit November so burned out we needed to take 6 weeks off before we could start the next book. (And why Beyond Innocence ended up later than we wanted it to be.)

So for now…even though we have a lot of characters with smaller stories that might be fun to tell, we’re going to have to wait and tell them later, after the main novel series is complete.

What about the couple who were going to be in #6.5?

Their story, it turned out, was NOT small. They are probably one of the upcoming books we’re thinking about right now.

So if you need a break in between books, what are you writing now?

You may find out some day soon. wink emoticon But we’ll be back to work on Beyond Ruin by the end of the summer, and whoo boy. That’s gonna be a long, dirty book.

What about Ashwin? Is he going to get a book?

*twirls mustache*

Okay, what about Ryder?


Will you tell me ANYTHING?

We’re thinking seriously about the plots of books 8, 9 & 10 right now. Nothing is set in stone…but you don’t have to worry about the series going away this year.

So take a deep breath, O’Kane VIPs, and have a shot on us!

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