Beyond Innocence update & all about audiobooks!

Where’s Beyond Innocence?!?

Our initial estimate was early 2015. Alas, one of us had a few health complications later in 2014 that lead to the deadline on Beyond Possession being a lot tighter than we wanted. We always end up a little short on writing time during the holidays, and this year we took a little extra time off to try to get some much-needed energy restored.

Some of you have asked how the pre-order experiment went with Beyond Possession. It’s still hard to say for sure–I think it helped us on some sites and hurt us on Amazon (the math of publishing is mysterious and strange!) but in this case, the sales were not the biggest problem.

The best part of self-publishing, for us, is that the books get to take us exactly as long as they take us. Sometimes that means we finish them more quickly than expected (that was Beyond Addiction!) Sometimes we get stuck and have to backtrack to make sure we’ve got the right plot and are writing the best story we can.

Setting a pre-order date puts a limit on that freedom, and after last year, we’ve decided that, for now, that limit isn’t worth it. These books are very intense to write, and now that we’re deep into the sector plot, they’re getting even more complicated!

So we’re going to go back to keeping you updated as we write, and if we do put up any pre-orders, it will be after the book is finished. I know that keeps you guys guessing, and no one likes guessing, but I hope you all agree that the first priority has to be giving us enough time to write a kick-ass book.

As it stands, we’ve got a good foundation down for Beyond Innocence and writing is going a lot faster now. But as much as I hate to torment you, we won’t be picking an official date until the book is done and we know we can meet it.  That keeps us healthy, keeps the books the best we can make them, and saves you guys the disappointment.

Listen to Sector Four

After a slow start in audio, we’re finally catching up. Beyond Temptation is available now, Beyond Solitude is in final approval, and Beyond Possession is with our narrator.  We’re hoping to be mostly caught up by the time Beyond Innocence comes out, and we’ll be getting to that one a lot faster, too, if all goes well.

Here are the audiobooks available now:

Beyond Shame

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$2.99 on audible if you download the kindle version for free.

Beyond ControlBuy on Audible Buy on iTunes
$2.99 on audible if you own the kindle version.


Beyond Pain

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$2.99 on audible if you on the kindle version.

Beyond Temptation

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Beyond Jealousy

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$1.99 on audible if you on the kindle version.

Beyond Addiction

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Beyond Possession is on sale now!


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