Beyond Innocence Review Copies


Good news, O’Kanes! We are almost finished with Beyond Innocence and should be delivering it into the loving hands of our editor within the next couple weeks. Once we have the first round of edits back and know how much work we have to get this book in perfect shape, we’ll announce the official release date and get it up for pre-order at a few places, at the very least. But it certainly won’t be long now, which means…


Beyond Innocence Review Copies

We're finishing up work on Beyond Innocence! Within a few weeks, we'll be looking for readers, reviewers and bloggers interested in review copies. Though signing up isn't a guarantee that we'll have one for you, we'll do our best to accommodate all requests.
  • If you review on goodreads or a site like Amazon or B&N, please include a link to your profile.
    PLEASE HEED THE AUTHOR WARNING: though we do our best to keep each book accessible to new readers, these stories build across multiple books and you may miss a lot of backstory by starting with book six. The first book is free on all major retailers if you're interested in starting at the beginning.
    Please check any that apply. Our assistant will be in contact with people once we have our release day nailed down.

I hope you guys are as excited about this as we are. :D

Beyond Possession is on sale now!


I’m so excited, guys, because our fifth Beyond story of 2014 is out today! Five! In one year! I need a nap! (Okay, 3 of them were novellas, but still!) I love Zan and Tatiana. I love her because life keeps knocking her on her ass, and she keeps climbing to her feet and daring […]