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Beyond AddictionIt won’t be too long until Beyond Addiction is available!  We’re working on edits now, which mean ARCs will be going out, too. (I don’t have an exact timeline on this, but within a few weeks, most likely.  A few notes about ARCs this time:

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  • We don’t have a release date for this book, because we’re trying an experiment where we just post the book when it’s ready with no advance fanfare. If you’re a blogger or reviewer and want to know when the book has been uploaded, we’ll be sending out a one time heads-up to people who sign up here.

Review Copies: Beyond Addiction

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Fight Night Championship Round!


The final round is underway, though it took me a few days to make this post–for a very good reason. Beyond Addiction  is finished! Huzzah! As you read this, Donna is working hard on edits.  We hope to have it to our editor by the end of the month.  That means it won’t be long […]


Fight Night: Round Two

 The fight’s were long and vicious–and in Cruz & Ace’s case, almost too close to call–but the results are in.  Ace pulled out a win against Cruz (probably because Cruz doesn’t like to hit him.)  Dallas showed Mad that a king is better than a prince.  Bren proved to Noah that he’s just as deadly […]


Fight Night: Round One

Round One: Dallas vs Mad, Ace vs Cruz, Jas vs Jared, Bren vs Noah

Voting is open for Round One ff FIGHT NIGHT! If you want to get your own Fight Night graphics to post & share, you can find them on the cheering page. Just place your four votes in the rafflecopter below. You’ll be entered for prizes and we’ll know who should win and who is going […]


Beyond Series Summer Sale!


For the last weekend in June and the first week in July, we’re having a sale! A We’re-Almost-Done-Writing-This-Next-Book-Wheeee! sale! So while we’re busy wrestling this hero and heroine toward their crazy dramatic happy ending, you guys can be catching up on all the O’Kane stories. End of the World Sale Starts Now Book #1 – […]


Beyond Temptation is available now!


We had so much fun producing the Marked anthology with Lauren Dane & Vivian Arend, but the ebook has been broken apart and the novellas are now available for individual purchase. If you hadn’t grabbed your copy of Beyond Temptation, you can now! A Beyond Novella (#3.5) Hacker Noah Lennox lives in the shadows, fighting […]


We’re in the writer cave…


…working on Beyond Addiction! Our goal is to finish it up over the next few months. We’re not going to announce a release date yet, but we’ll keep you guys updated as we make progress.  In the meantime, we’ll drop in with teasers from time to time. And here is your first one.  “He’d made […]